Using Ayurvedic Treatments for Balance

Ayurvedic medicine is becoming an increasingly popular holistic practice in the west and can help relieve a plethora of illnesses.  Used to diagnose and treat a variety of problems by employing natural materials and philosophies, it is an ancient Indian medical practice dating back more than 5,000 years.  

Ayruvedic medicine involves several elements including diet consultation, massage, meditation, yoga, herbal medicine, and breathing techniques.  In addition to these, many therapists recommend cleaning your bowels from impurities in the form of an enema.  Enemas (sometimes called a "flush" ) are suggested by many natural medicine practitioners for their ability to purge the body of unwanted parasites that live in your colon and cause illness.  Other less common (and unpopular among patients) cleansing techniques are induced vomiting and blood letting with leaches to draw out toxins.  

The thought behind Ayurvedic medicine is that your health issues are created in your mind and that with proper focus you will be able to regain health and balance.   A therapist will aid you to balance your mind and spirit, help decrease stress levels, and help increase your energy by focusing on three internal elements called doshas.  Air and space, (known as vata dosha) allowing movement.  Fire and water, (known as pitta dosha) allowing change and transformation of digestion. Water and earth (known as kapha dosha) offering structure and cohesion. 

These three elements, when working to their fullest allow the organs to work harmoniously and is also believed to help connect you to the environment and spiritual world.  

Ayurveda is most commonly used in the form of massage and aromatherapy when treating cancer patients, and many patients state that the treatments help them cope with their illness.   Massage can help lower stress and allow the patient to relax, and meditation can reduce anxiety, lower high blood pressure and connect you to the present.  At this point it is unknown if Ayurvedic herbs have the ability to prevent cancer, but the practice is more focused on relaxing the mind in a terminal situation rather than eliminating the disease.   

It is recommended that cancer patients consult with their doctor before using any sort of natural medicine as certain elements, like flushing, can interfere with other treatments. 



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