The Under 80 Will Soon Remain Cancer Free

An astonishing report on cancer research claims that, by 2050 no one under the age of 80 will encounter this dreadful disease. It has been found that over the years, there has been a remarkable decrease in the death rate due to cancer and is expected to nearly disappear in a few decades. It is claimed that inculcating healthy habits, quitting smoking and taking aspirin daily will eradicate this deadly disease forever.

The main cause of common cancers, like lung cancer, is smoking. The carcinogenic substances present in tobacco attack the tissues in your lungs leading to lung cancer. There are various other factors that lead to cancer in a person, aging and obesity are some of those factors leading to cancer.

Nevertheless, some of the recent studies suggest that aspirin can modestly reduce the risk of cancer and it is anticipated that the low dose of aspirin, which is used to prevent heart attack would probably lower the risk of cancer to a greater level. The studies on risks related to aspirin intake are on-going.

How is Aging Related to Cancer?

Studies suggest that aging is the biggest factor for developing cancer because the ability of an individual to fight against the disease decreases with growing age. The immune system of the person gets weaker and the ability to perform daily activities is affected while growing older.

The changes in the body tissues and the cells take place at a faster rate in a person as he grows older and his weaker immune system makes him prone to various diseases.

Cancer Prevention with Aspirin

Although it is believed that a person gets cancer due to some genetic mutations in the body cells, there are cases which prove that cancer is not at all influenced by the lifestyle of a person or the environment he has been through. However, the only preventive measure against cancer is the daily intake of an aspirin dose.

According to a new study, daily intake of aspirin reduces the risk of stomach, colon, and esophageal cancer. Taking aspirin has also reduced the risk of ovarian cancer in the majority of women. It has been also found that regular use of aspirin can prevent the cancer from spreading once it has been detected.

Side Effects of Aspirin

Despite of the benefits, aspirin has some side effects too that may lead to certain discomforts in the future. The serious health problems encountered with the regular use of aspirin are mainly internal bleeding. Because of this the majority of the health organizations do not recommend the excessive use of aspirin for suppressing the risk of cancer.

An Overview on Cancer Prevention

Cancer is unpredictable because of the unpredictable nature of the body cells, which constantly undergo DNA changes and this proves that one single method of treatment or medication is effective in treating a single type of cancer and is not applicable for all forms of cancer.

It is indeed visible through the recent studies and researches that cancer has now become preventable owing to the attributes of the advanced preventive measures against cancer.

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