Triple Cancer Survivor's Incredible Trek to the South Pole

Peter McIntosh from Surrey in the United Kingdom is a truly remarkable man. Earlier this week Peter, a 58-year-old chartered financial adviser, successfully arrived at the South Pole on the anniversary of Captain Scott’s fateful expedition on 1912 following a grueling 138 mile trek through the icy wilderness in freezing temperatures.

What makes his achievement particularly incredible is that two years ago Peter spent 13 months battling bowel, skin and prostate cancer.

When interviewed for the BBC, Peter and his companion on the 11 day trek, explorer Conrad Dickinson, were delighted. Peter said he felt like ‘a million dollars’ and amazingly had suffered no physical problems whatsoever. This plucky survivor said he didn’t feel as though he’d undertaken anything challenging at all, despite knowing what an ordeal he’d been through.

The purpose of the ambitious expedition was to raise people’s awareness about their health and to encourage them to react hastily to any symptoms they might suffer. Peter was keen to emphasize the importance of regularly checking your body for signs of cancer like lumps or skin changes cannot be over stressed. If you discover anything out of the ordinary, even if you are not in any pain or discomfort, always get it checked out by your doctor. It was the prompt and professional treatment of Peter’s conditions that made the difference between a full recovery and a long, debilitating and ultimately unsuccessful fight against illness.

Through sponsorship and donations Peter also hopes to raise £220,000 for the charities Prostate Cancer UK, the Voice Of The Listener And The Viewer and Bowel Cancer UK.

Peter and Conrad battled over difficult terrain in the harshest weather conditions the planet has to offer completely unsupported – they carried all their equipment and supplies with them and had no team of helpers to assist them. Although elated and thrilled by his achievement, Peter is understandably in no rush to repeat the feat.

In conclusion

This remarkable story just goes to show what can be achieved through determination and drive. In this case, cancer certainly didn’t win.

Image source: BBC News


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