Treating Cancer With Vitamin B17 Found in Apricots

Chemotherapy is a toxic and invasive cancer treatment that is aimed at eliminating cancer cells.  Although it has performed miracles for cancer patients, unfortunately it is not always successful.  The treatment is invasive and the chemistry is unable to tell the difference between a cancerous cell and healthy cell.  The immune system has difficulty coping with the slightest of infections which is the cause of 67% of chemo and radiation deaths.  Because of the risks involved with chemotherapy, people are looking for alternative ways to cure their cancer. 

Vitamin B17, or laetrile, has become a very popular alternative to the traditional chemo.  It is claimed that laetrile works by targeting and eliminating cancer cells as well as building up the body's immune system to help prevent future cancer outbreaks.  The treatment involves a strict diet (usually raw vegan) as well as a round of several nutritional supplements.  

How it works

B17 works by breaking down into two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde, one molecule of hydrogen, and one molecule of cyanide.  In early cancer research it was believed that this cyanide molecule was the active cancer-killer, but recent research suggests that it is the benzaldehyde molecule that is the active killer.  

Like some other cancer drugs, B17 is slow-acting.  Large amounts must be taken in order to have any effect. On a plus side, laetrile therapy also gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 and C which help combat a large amount of ailments and will promote good health.  

What the FDA says

In the United States, the FDA has made it nearly impossible to obtain B17 supplements, even though they are natural and completely safe.  The substance is essentially illegal because a doctor prescribing it would have to report that they are using an alternative medicine in their practice, which could harm their career.  

So where do you obtain B17 and what is it? 

In the simplest of forms, B17 is made of apricot kernels, pills made from them, or a liquid form of the inner seed.  They are available for purchase online, or you can extract the inner seed yourself at home.  

Because of its availability and easy access, many choose to take B17 in its simplest form and opt for buying apricots from the grocery store and extracting the seed-heart themselves.  The inner kernel can be removed with a nut cracker, hammer or with pliers.  It resembles a soft almond that is rich in laetrile and has an intense marzipan flavor.  

When not associated with medicine, apricot kernels are completely legal and are commonly used to flavor amaretto alcohol and other baked-goods.  When ordering online there is usually a disclaimer which states that they are not intended to treat cancer.  This is just for legal reasons as they are not yet approved by the FDA as an approved treatment because of a minute toxicity, which is the exact property that destroys cancer cells.  


Experts on B17 treatment usually recommend a daily dosage of 24 to 40 kernels  daily, spread throughout the day.  For people in remission, the dose is much less, usually around 16. 

Like any form of alternative treatments, consult with your doctor or naturopath before taking anything.  


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