The Drug Delivery Systems of Zolodex and Gliadel

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Lots of anti-cancer drugs are based on miscellaneous ways to destroy cancer cells. If they put a lot of potential drugs to the test regularly, they will discover more effective drugs that will handle cancer cells so roughly. The side effects of the drugs that the FDA approved can be limited with proper doses. Some patients can only handle low doses.

Cautious timing, slow infusions, monitoring of serum drug levels, & multi-drug regimes optimize the traditional formulations. The people work very hard to enhance the way that present drugs are delivered. After that’s accomplished, times for which the tumors get exposed to those powerful drugs are extend- ed.

The advertisements and discussions for peptides need to be constant. Some therapeutic agents that couldn’t be utilized before become useful inside new delivery systems. When a matrix polymer becomes solidified and a dispersed drug is in it, it can be utilized as a matrix system.

Zolodex is formatted as a stick of polylactide co glycolide (PLGA) that contains a dispersed drug. It is delivered as an implant into the abdominal wall and is for the treatment of prostate cancer. Gliadel is a wafer of polyanhydride poly- mer & Carmustine (CCNU). That particular polymer is a copolymer of sebacic acid & carboxyphenoxy-propane in an 80/20 ratio.

Polymer is hydrophobic and it does stop decomposition of the drug until it is released. The polymer & the drug are dissolved in a solvent & spray-dried to make the microspheres, & compressed into discs of 14 mm diameter and 1 mm thick. Gliadel is for the treatment of the aggressive brain tumors. Those do create the cancers called gliomas.

Even the surgery won’t be able to remove all of the tumors, so they can grow again. That is why adjuvant chemotherapy is called for. After surgery, discs of the Gliadel are lodged in the area left by exclusion brain tissue to give a slow release of the drug over a period of months. Those terrific actions increases the survival rate & drastically reduces the systemic side effects.

Drug targeting systems do inflate the sum of concentration of drug delivery to the tumor cells. Those systems make sure to deflate the sum of concentration of the drug that is delivered to normal tissue. These systems are needed and improvements will be made to them often.

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