Prostate Cancer? Tomatoes to the Rescue

Is there any link between tomatoes and prostate cancer? Well, Bristol University’s researchers, based at the School of Social and Community Medicine, seem to think that there could be. Their studies have actually shown that tomatoes, an everyday ingredient in every kitchen, could just be one of the food items that will come to the rescue of those who are at risk of suffering from prostate cancer.

The researchers from U.K. carried out the study using a sample of approximately 20000 men between the ages of 50 years and 69 years old, who were to offer information on their ways of life as well as the foods they eat. One of the interesting results from this study was that men who took over 10 portions of tomatoes on a weekly basis actually reduced the likelihood that they will suffer from prostate cancer by 20%.

Not only that, but those men who also eat 5 fresh fruits and vegetable servings on a daily basis also reduced their prostate cancer risk by 18%. So what is it exactly about tomatoes that give them the ability to fight off prostate cancer? Well, it is actually the antioxidant called lycopene present in the tomatoes that eliminate all this, and it’s also believed to protect against damage of body cells and DNA.

However, apart from lycopene, there are also calcium (present in dairy products such as milk) and selenium (present in flour-based products such as bread which are believed to help protect one from prostate cancer, although there is no concrete evidence to this effect. As much as there is evidence on one being rescued from prostrate cancer risk by taking tomatoes, Cancer Research UK’s Tom Stanfeld advises men not to switch to an exclusive tomato diet. In fact, he advises them to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in their diet.

In addition, they have to make sure they lead a healthy lifestyle, with exercise being a top priority. As much as this may be good news for men, Prostate Cancer U.K.’s Dr. Iain Frame is quick to caution men that there is still no set food that one should eat so as to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Until concrete evidence is discovered on which foods directly impact likelihood of getting prostate cancer, the best thing to do for now is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

However, the fact that there is a possibility that tomatoes could actually rescue men from prostate cancer risk, should be enough reason to include tomatoes in every meal, right? Stanfeld advises men to also watch out on the amount of salt, fat, processed and red meat that they take, as it will also help avert prostate cancer. In addition, the fact that prostate cancer takes 2nd position as the type of cancer that most men suffer from globally, is enough to push all men to take action.

There is definitely need for more advanced research, so as to come up with concrete evidence on prostate cancer. At least it’s a good thing that research is being done to find a solution to the menace. Prevention is always better than cure, and there is nothing to lose by accepting the helping hand the tomatoes are offering. It might just turn out to be the rescue plan that everyone has been searching for.

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