Ovarian Cancer Gets Help from Ginger

An incredible new study, undertaken by scientists at BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, has shown that ginger is able to help in the fight against ovarian cancer. The spice has been used for a countless number of years in various cultures and countries as a form of herbal medicine, but few would have imagined the impact it can apparently have on one of the most common forms of cancer. This study shows that ginger has the ability to effectively confuse cancer cells, tricking them into killing themselves, resulting in stunning levels of tumor reduction.

Ovarian cancer is one of the top ten most common and most lethal forms of cancer. It naturally begins in the ovaries but has the potential to spread to various other areas of the body. Women who have used hormone therapy in the past have a higher risk of getting this disease, along with women who entered menopause at a relatively late age, those who began menstruating at a particularly young age, and those who have unhealthy lifestyles and diets.

Fortunately for many women worldwide, a miraculous and all-natural treatment has been discovered, offering an optimistic outlook for the future. According to the paper published after the study, a compound contained within ginger known as gingerol is able to help in the fight against cancer and reduce the size of tumors by over 50%. Other studies have been undertaken on the subject in the past, with many other scientists claiming that ginger has powerful anti-cancer properties.

The scientists who worked on this study now believe that ginger, along with other edible aids, supplements, spices and herbs, might be effective in the battle against various forms of cancer. If true, this could be one important step on the long road towards finally eradicating this terrible disease which claims the lives of millions of people worldwide every year. The statistics show that approximately 13% of all human deaths each year are due to some type of cancer, so it is vital that the world of science discovers some way of stopping this shockingly fatal disease.

As previously mentioned, ginger has long been used in various cultures over time for the treatment of all sorts of ailments. For example, in the country of Burma, ginger has been used for many years as a cure for the flu. Similarly, in China, the miraculous spice has been involved in the preparation of a variety of treatments, including those for common colds, coughs, and inflammations. Clearly, mankind has been aware of ginger’s healing properties for centuries and we must now hope that it can be effective against the greatest natural threat humanity has ever faced.

This study reveals that ginger can indeed be helpful in the fight against ovarian cancer, but time will tell how effective it truly is and whether or not this might lead to other natural elements being introduced as forms of cancer treatment. Patients will have to hope that this study can lead to more effective forms of medicine and help to cure as many people as possible.

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