New Discovery Stuns Researchers

A miraculous new treatment for the advanced stages of various types of cancer has been discovered that could potentially save a countless number of lives. Researchers have been stunned by this wonderful new discovery and believe that it could be one of the early steps towards eradicating the global disease once and for all. This new treatment effectively means that patients suffering from forms of cancer that were once classed as “terminal” may actually be curable.

The discovery was made after a series of medical trials involving patients suffering with the later stages of skin cancer. A specific combination of drugs was administered to these patients and over half of them – 61% to be precise – witnessed never-before-seen reductions in the size of their tumors. These trials were carried out in several countries around the world and involved the use of Nivolumab and Ipilimumab, two drugs designed to strengthen the patients’ immune systems.

These two drugs effectively boost the speed and efficiency of the human immune system, allowing our immune responses to act much faster than normally. Since cancer cells manage to stay in our systems by reducing the effectivity of our immune systems, this treatment effectively counters the negative impact of the cancer and lets our bodies fight back.

Researchers have been truly stunned by the results of these trials, with the head of Cancer Research UK, Professor Peter Johnson, going as far as saying this treatment will be equally useful in the battle against many other types of cancer, including those that affect the bowels, kidneys, bladder, and more. Professor Johnson went on to say that he expects rapid progress in the fight against cancer after witnessing the results of these trials.

This medical breakthrough may indeed mean that we could be seeing a huge decrease in the number of fatalities caused by cancer over the next decade. Some scientists even believe that in around five years we’ll see 50% of patients affected by these types of cancer being completely cured. Such a feat would be incredible considering cancer affects an enormous amount of people in countries all around the world, and is also responsible for around 13% of all human deaths every year.

In the US alone, scientists predict that over half a million people will die of the disease this year, with the most common forms of cancer being those that affect the lungs, breasts, prostate, colon, bladder and kidneys. This new treatment won’t be able to cure all of those forms, but it could provide valuable information that will lead to advances in other types of cancer research.

We’ll have to wait a while before this stunning new discovery is available for use outside of medical trials, but the researchers are doing all they can to speed up the process. Professor Johnson claims that these results have already started affecting the ways in which skin cancer is being treated, and that progress in cancer treatment will now be much faster than before.

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