Is It The End Of The Road For Cancer Cure

“Each of us carries a time bomb within our bodies when we were born, and it will explode any time.” This is the astonishing, yet depressing, statement of a biologist who studied and researched about cancer. His recent findings reveal that the disease is incurable. Thousands of people battle cancer every year, but, unfortunately, many are not victorious over the frightening disease. Because there are a lot of people who suffered and died from cancer, studies and researches are continuously conducted in order to find a cure or a way to combat and win over the disease.

The National Cancer Institute already spent about $90 billion for researches, studies, and treatments of the fearsome killer. However, with the money, time, and effort spent and exhausted on finding the cure, researchers just recently reported that cancer is unstoppable, and that there is no way to cure the deadly disease.

Their statement about not being able to find the most effective treatment for cancer is linked to the discovery of a small, coral-like polyp known as hydra. According to their findings, hydra existed some million years ago and that these tiny living things are able to form tumors that are similar to humans. The discovery of hydra led to another discovery – human cells have that inherent property that is why people develop cancer.

According to an evolutionary biologist, Thomas Bosch, for people to avoid developing cancer alteration or interference in the fundamental and basic pathways of the cell cycle must be made. The development of cancer is a web or network of interactions and reactions. Unfortunately, Bosch reported that interfering with the elementary pathways is way beyond difficult; therefore, cancer cannot be eradicated or cured.

Cancer develops when there is DNA mutations and these mutations begin to behave maliciously altering the normal cell cycle or cell growth and development. When a cell has DNA mutations, it begins to grow and multiply uncontrollably. Normal cells perform the process known as apoptosis, in which it kills itself if it detects genetic abnormalities. But with cancer cells, it cancels this normal process thereby their growth is unregulated and their multiplication is rapid.

To be able to understand the cancer-causing abilities and mechanisms, Bosch and his team observed and studied the cell division in hydra. They noticed that the stem cells in the tiny creature are programmed to turn into eggs or female sex cells wherein the division was uncontrolled. They also discovered that behind such uncontrolled growth and division is a gene in hydra’s tumorous DNA that stops apoptosis. They then discovered that the same gene is also present in humans wherein apoptosis is halted and cell proliferation is uncontrolled.

This discovery led the researchers to understand that cancer genes and the processes or mechanisms that enabled cancer cells to metastasize (invade healthy cells and tissues) have deep evolutionary history and background. Bosch even stated that every single cell in our body can turn into a cancer cell any time and sadly, there is no way to stop that from happening.

The recent findings have led the researchers to conclude that cancer is difficult to defeat. Despite the decades of studies and researches and the millions of dollars spent, there is still no cure for cancer. Today, sadly the disease is here to stay.

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