Cancer Patients Should Talk About Pain

It is common that cancer patients do not tell doctors about the pain they are experiencing. Doctors encourage cancer patients to speak up if they have pain and here are the reasons why they should.

Focusing on disease

Cancer patients want their doctors to concentrate on their illness, not on their pain. Patients usually do not speak about their symptoms to get the oncologist to focus on the cancer. And when they do, they do not talk about the intensity of their pain nor depression.

Patients worry that their doctor will not like them

Patients believe that they will get the best treatment if they do not complain or show any weakness. They want their doctors to like them so that they could help them live longer.

Dealing with the pain

Cancer patients tend to save the medicine for when they experience tremendous pain. They think that they are supposed to take the medication only when the pain gets bad. There are various treatment and medications for the pain that escalates, and it is about reducing the pain now, not later.

Increasing pain doesn’t mean the cancer is spreading

Patients believe their pain is growing due to their tumor’s spreading. Increasing pain can indicate that patients are developing tolerance to the medicine, or that they feel more stressed out than usually.

Taking painkillers doesn’t mean you are giving up

Cancer patients sometimes refuse medications even when they are experiencing enormous amounts of pain because they think it is a sign that they are backing down.

Strong medications as a prediction of death

Strong painkillers don’t necessarily mean you’re dying. Decades ago, giving morphine to the patients meant they were close to death. Today, the situation has changed, and some people take strong medication to achieve advanced activity in their daily life.

Addiction issues

Patients are worried about the addictive power of narcotics. However, doctors believe media exaggerates because they now have over 30 years of experience treating people with opioids. They are safe, but there are few cases of addiction. Doctors will prescribe necessary medications even for the patients with a history of alcohol or drug abuse. Naturally, they will monitor the use of those painkillers.

You are entitled to a pain relief

Pain care is a fundamental right and patients should know that. Physicians want the patients to know that they have a right to receive proper medication care and that they need to trust them and report their pain for their sake.





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