Breast Cancer Drug Sees Improvements

Medical Science is an ever changing and fast developing field and has displayed great potential in the recent years. Medicine is now merging with modern day technology to help improve the lives of those suffering from life threatening conditions. The success of mind-controlled prosthetics was a milestone in medical history yet another milestone is fast approaching.

Every year the Food and Drug Administration approves a number of new drugs. Most of these drugs are mere improvements of previously existing drugs and do not bring about any consequential change in the medicine world.

However, recently the FDA has approved a new drug that has the potential to change the way we look at treating cancer. The drug named ‘Palbociclib’ by Pfizer's has been christened ‘Ibrance’, and is creating a huge buzz among researchers and scientists.

What is Ibrance?

Ibrance is a recently launched drug that is supposed to stop the cancer cells from multiplying by causing minimal damage to the healthy tissue. Recently approved by the FDA, Ibrance can bring about massive changes in the treatment of breast cancer.

The discovery of the drug was a long run for the scientists. It was during this study that a major discovery was made which led to the formulation of Ibrance.

How does Ibrance Work?

While working on the study of healthy division of cells, one critical step in this process caught everyone's eye. An enzyme known as CDK4/6 controlled this critical step in cell division.

It was later discovered that cancer cells use the same enzyme, CDK4/6 to accelerate the growth of cells in tumours. Thereafter, scientists at Pfizer developed a chemical that had great potential of treating cancer.

The chemical had the ability to shut down the CDK4/6 enzyme in the cancer cells without having any negative effect upon the healthier cells of the body. The chemical was then tested by the UCLA Women's Cancer Research Programme and was found to be effective against breast cancer.

How does Ibrance Help Women Suffering from Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is one of the most traumatic conditions that a woman could go through. These breast cancer cells seem to grow under the effect of estrogen, thus it is usually treated with drugs that stop the production of estrogen.

However, these drugs lose their potency over time; Ibrance has provided an alternate option to stop the growth of breast cancer cells. The hindrance in the growth of these cells results in better recovery and delays the time of the recurrence of cancer.

Though Ibrance is still in its initial stages and many trials are under progress, the formulation of such a drug is a huge step towards treatment of cancer. With the success of Ibrance, a large number of lives can be saved every year and patients suffering from various forms of cancer can be relieved of their pain.

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