An In-Depth Understanding of Cannabis Oil & Cancer Prevention

In the mid 1970s medical scientists realized the benefits of cannabinoid compounds in cancer cases. The modern science has now helped to prove how this works. The partial breakthrough has resulted from the many researches conducted in most recent times. However, pharmaceutical companies have not yet endorsed cannabis as a cancer cure. Furthermore, since no promotions concerning cannabis oil happen in the mainstream channels, only a few people benefit from its usage. Moreover, it has never been used as an alternative to chemotherapy or any other disfiguring drug.

Scientific research on cannabis oil

In the year 2008, some scientists conducted laboratory tests, which proved that the ingredient in cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol or simply THC is a good cure for any case of brain cancer. It does this by killing the human glioma cell through autophagy stimulation. The same research proved that THC can terminate many types of cancers, which affect various body parts through the same process. Some other research has proved that cannabis can work in other ways to cure cancer. These mechanisms include inducing the cell death, inhibiting the cell growth and also inhibiting tumor metastasis.

Evidence on success of cannabis oil in curing cancer

The evidence the researchers have used to support the good effects of cannabis extract on the malignant cells originate from the real life experiences of individuals who successively overcame cancer after using cannabis oil. Examples include a patient who completely cured her skin cancer after simply applying the oil to the affected skin parts. Another patient recovered from severe head injury by simply using the oil.

How cannabinnoids work to cure cancer

The best part of cannabis use, is that cannabis targets and kills any cancerous cell but do not affect any healthy and normal cell and may in addition prevent it from cellular death. Cannabinnoids also have anti-inflammatory and pain modulation abilities. They bind to some special brain receptors in an individual's brain, similar to what happens with opioid derivatives which physicians highly prescribe today.

Cannabidoil (CBD), one of the cannabinoids and a non-psychoactive compound, has shown amazing medical properties. Many individuals refer to it as the 21st century discovery. The compound can reduce inflammation, relieve convulsions, suppress nausea, lower anxiety and also prevent the development of cancerous cells. Furthermore, the compound consists of neuroprotective properties. It relieves all the symptoms of dystonia. It is also effective like the other regular antipsychotics in treatment of schizophrenia.

Can cannabis prevent or cause cancer?

In earlier experiments, scientists used high dosage of THC in some animals. The animals had a lower risk of developing any cancer. In addition, some research has suggested that endocannabinnoids, which the body produces, can work in suppression of tumor growth. However, there is no any evidence showing that cannabinoids can prevent cancer occurrence in people.

Researches aiming to reveal whether cannabis can cause cancer have yielded insufficient information. This is mainly because those people who smoke it first mix it with tobacco, a substance that highly promotes cancer development.

From the many research conducted, all the data available and other personal experiences from some cancer survivors, it is evident that no chemical therapy can match the non-toxic anticarcinogenic and also the antiturmorigenic effects resulting from cannabis natural compounds.



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