5 Cancers That Strike Men (and Their Warning Signs)

Men often experience the same health hurdles as the women do. Cancer is one such deadly condition that affects both men and women. However, there are certain types of cancer that are common in men. Getting a cancer diagnosis can be a person’s worst nightmare as most people do not see it coming. In order to be ready, men should learn to detect the warning signs which are more likely to affect them. This will help you to take immediate measures and increase your chance of beating cancer.

Here are five common types of cancers that affect men and warning signs that accompany them:

1. Prostate cancer:

Early signs: There are no significant early signs. However, early testing of levels of PSA in men’s blood can help in early detection of prostate cancer. If there is a spike in PSA level, then cancer can be suspected. Another method for early detection of cancer is the digital rectal exam (DRE) to detect any bump or hardness of your prostate, which can be cancer.

False alarms: Frequent urination or slow stream does not indicate that you have cancer. It can be related to other problems such as prostate enlargement or narrowing of the urethra.

The test: A biopsy should be conducted if there is a rise in PSA level. But it may also be an indication of an infection for which you have to complete a course of antibiotics for one month.

2. Lung Cancer:

Early signs: Cough that does not subside for a long period and signs of blood while coughing can be indicative of cancer. Listen the sound of your cough, which will be deeper, dry and harsh. Chest pain that is present all the time and is not influenced by any kind of movements. Frequent headaches, bone pain, shortness of breath and drop in weight can also be an evidence of lung cancer.

False alarm: Pneumonia is often confused with cancer as they both appear white on an x-ray. But pneumonia will subside within weeks, and cancer will not.

The test: Biopsy.

3. Colorectal cancer

Early signs: You may observe blood in the stool, and even if it occurs once, you should not ignore it. However, in half of the cases, there are no signs, and so men can remain unaware of their condition.

False alarm: Often men under 50 observe blood in their stool, which can be due to hemorrhoids, colitis, diverticulitis or an abnormal blood vessel. But for proper diagnosis, see a doctor.

The test: A colonoscopy is conducted to detect any small problems, but it can also be used to see polyps and remove it.

4. Bladder:

Early signs: Hematuria – bleeding while urinating is an important sign of cancer. The urine may appear brownish or bright red. However, if your age is above 60 years, then it can be a sign of kidney stones. In most cases, bladder cancer has a great impact on its lining. According to doctors, if it is detected early, it surely can be beaten.

False alarm: Overactive bladder or excessive pain while urinating can be a sign of infection.

The test: Cystoscopy allows the doctor to see inside the urethra and bladder, and urine test is conducted to detect cancer tumours.

5. Lymphoma:

Early signs: Painless, swollen lymph nodes in the upper body such as neck, armpit or groin, and collarbone region. Due to an infection, nodes can swell. But if it fails to subside within a week, then consult a doctor. Excessive weight loss within 1 or 2 months without any reason or swelling accompanied by itching in the entire body can be an evidence of cancer.

False alarm: Swelling of nodes can be due to an infection.

The test: A blood test can help, but a biopsy will be more accurate.

Remember, early detection may increase your chance of winning over deadly cancer. So, be proactive while taking care of your health as it is the only way to stay healthy. However, you cannot control everything, but still you should perform your part to avoid serious problems.


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