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C.A. Newberry is fascinated by and believes in the power of continued learning. When not at her computer, you can find her at the ballpark with her family.

C. A. Newberry

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Discussing Acupuncture to Treat Cancer Side Effects

Recently I had a family member diagnosed with cancer and the recommended treatment was chemotherapy. At the age of 68, he is just above the median age of when most cancer patients are diagnosed. While chemotherapy is one of the most often prescibed forms of treatment, it’s well publ ...

Testicular Cancer...Assessing Your Risks

Cancer in general is scary. It’s the number two cause of death in America today. However, breaking down the different types of cancer and looking at their statistics separately is vital when assessing personal risks.Taking a look at testicular cancer, the American Cancer Society estimates the ...

The At-Home Caregiver

The hardest words you may have to hear from a loved one day could be “I have cancer”.One of your initial concerns may be, will I or can I fill the role of at-home caregiver?According to Arizona University there was an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in 2013 and almos ...

Does Your Fate Include the “C” Word?

There is a nasty word on the lips to too many people when discussing death today.  Half the time it’s repeated just above a whisper... Cancer.  It hits like a punch in the gut almost every time it’s heard. “She passed away, it was breast cancer, she was only 39.” & ...