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Have written online for more than eight years now on many subjects. Also write under the username of Eve Sherrill York.


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Drug Shortage Crisis for Cancer Patients

Paclitaxel, which is a generic version of intravenous drug Taxol, has now joined the shortage list compiled by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists. This drug joins the list of 196 drugs. It is unclear how many cancer patients this puts at risk. There are plans to have an update on thi ...

2 Important Ways to Fight Cancer

One in eight deaths in the U.S. is due to cancer. It is estimated that 77% of all cancers that are diagnosed in U.S. are in people 55 years of age or older. Breast cancer seems to be the highest diagnosed type of cancer in women and lung cancer is the highest in men. More than 15,000 people di ...

Random Gene Mutations Primary Cause for Most Cancer Types

A Johns Hopkins Medicine research study has concluded that bad luck plays a part in cancer. There are those who live to be ninety and yet they smoke while others live healthy lives and get cancer anyway. This could very well change the way people look at risk factors causing cancer.Random mutations ...

This Teenager Developed a Pancreatic Diagnostic Strip

At the age of fifteen, Jack Andraka invented a tool that detects ovarian, lung, and pancreatic cancer. The latter had claimed the life of a close family friend and sparked his interest in the disease. He started doing research and learned that the test being used to diagnose the disease was 60 year ...

Your First Step to Preventing Cancer

To prevent cancer a person must prevent the absorption of mutangenic substances into their bodies. That is a chemical agent that can change DNA of a any organism and increases mutations above certain levels. They are also said to be carcinogens because so many cause cancer.All prepared foods contai ...