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Scientists Link Vegetarian Diet to a Reduced Colon Cancer Risk

Following a recent study conducted on a group of Seventh-Day Adventist men and women, it has been revealed that people who adhere to vegetarian diets have a much lower risk of developing colorectal cancers when compared to those who are non-vegetarians.In the United States, research shows that colo ...

Rare Ailment of the Immune System Cured Spontaneously

According to a clinical report that was released recently by medical researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the genetic phenomenon "chromosome shattering" -- which is referred to as chromothripsis by medical scientists -- may be responsible for the spontaneous cure of the ...

The Latest News in Research and Treatment for Melanoma Skin Cancer

As with most forms of cancer, there continues to be significant research around the actual causes, prevention and early detection of melanoma. Understanding what situations, environments and behavior may increase the risk of developing melanoma will assist individuals in lowering their risk. The ab ...